"For the Biggest Fins and Best Cars in Town"

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1957 Chevrolets

1959 Cadillacs

Seats 5 passengers
(per car)

Air Conditioned

Government Licensed

Established since 1990

Other Occasions

Celebrate your birthday and enjoy the ride.

Show someone you care on valentines day..."dinner for two"...

Rock around the clock with a 50's themed party.

Relive that moment in time when you said "I do" on your wedding anniversary.

Capture the heart of your partner with an unforgettable engagement proposal.

Tour the Great Ocean Road with the wind in your hair.

Enjoy the Melbourne Cup with out the worry of getting home.

Sample a drop of Victoria's Finest Wine with a tour to the Yarra Valley.

Experiece the thrill of a Hot Air Balloon ride and catch a glimpse of a Koala Bear at Healsville Sanctuary.

Celebrate your Hen's Night in our pink party cadillac.  

Ace Car Hire will show you a great time and will leave you with lasting memories to cherish forever.